We service the tri-state area. We provide daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and one time cleaning plans.

We customize cleaning plans to suit your needs. You can break up the cleaning of your home or office in different ways. For example, one week have the whole house cleaned and the following week just have the kitchen and bathrooms done at a discounted rate. You may not need the whole house cleaned weekly but generally the bathrooms and kitchen are the most used parts of the home and need cleaning done on a more frequent basis.

Whatever you want to do we can accommodate your cleaning needs. Just give us a call. Generally if you get set up for a weekly or bi-weekly service we will give you a set staff. This way you will have the same staff in your home and they get to know your home as well. Listed below is a breakdown of what we do.

Rooms & Floors: All the rooms are dusted, furniture polished and vacuumed out, baseboards, window sills, ceiling fans, doors and door frames all get cleaned. All floors get mopped.

Bathrooms are rigorously cleaned and sanitized: Shower walls and tub area are scrubbed from top to bottom, sliding glass doors cleaned inside and out. Toilet is cleaned inside and out. Mirrors, sinks and counter top(s) are cleaned as well as your cabinet doors and floors.

Trash cans are replaced with new liners, the toilet paper is folded for that finishing touch!

The kitchen: counter tops and sink will sparkle, all the appliances are cleaned, tops and front of the stove & refrigerator are cleaned as well as your cabinet doors and floors! Any sliding glass / French doors will be cleaned inside and out.

Scheduling: We are very flexible and sensitive to your needs with our scheduling. We do require a 72 hour cancellation notice otherwise there is a $40.00 service charge to cover our basic expenses.